1 Vijesti WBEN

2 Vijesti nacionalnih evaluacijskih zajednica:

  • HEVAL – Hrvatsko evaluacijsko društvo: Intervju Irene Đokić s Igorom Vidačkom i Marijanom Sumpor o novom kolegiju Sveučilišta Zagreb „Vrednovanje javnih politika, programa i projekata
  • SDE – Slovensko društvo evalvatorjev: Fakulteta za socialno delo Univerze v Ljubljani je postala članica Slovenskega društva evalvatorjev.
  • SDE – Slovensko društvo evalvatorjev: V pripravi je nov Delovni zvezek SDE: “Inclusive or rational participatory evaluation? (Introduction)?”.  WP/SDE, Spring/Summer 2024. Keywords: SenseMaker, Outcome Harvesting, Most Significant Change, Causal Mapping.

3 Pozivi za eksperte, Projekte

  • Western Balkans: The Western Balkans Innovation Vouchers Pilot Programme has been launched. The Western Balkans Innovation Vouchers are a financial incentive designed to facilitate partnerships and knowledge exchange between small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and public research institutions across the Western Balkans.
  • Western Balkans: TAU Consulting is on the lookout for M&E and Research experts to join the 2024 roster.
  • Kosovo: Stručnjaka za M&E, Rok: 10.maj 2024.
  • BiH: Senior Director of Monitoring and Evaluation. Zahteva se “Professional proficiency in spoken and written English and Bosnian”. Rok: N/A.
  • BiH: Chief of Party. Bosnian language skills are a plus. Rok: N/A.
  • Kosovo: Evaluation Team Leader/Evaluation Specialist. Fluency in Serbian and/or Albania is desirable. Rok: N/A.
  • Srbija, Beograd: The EU Civil Society Forum for the Western Balkans. 11-13 June 2024. The EU Civil Society Forum for the Western Balkans and Türkiye is an annual event organised by the EU TACSO 3 project on behalf of the European Commission, DG NEAR. The aim of the event is to provide space for the key stakeholders involved in civil society in the region to come together, network, and offer a platform for discussion of the key topics relevant to civil society this year.
  • Srbija, Beograd: 3rd PROFEEDBACK Training School: Introduction to Qualitative and Participatory Methods, 9 – 11 July 2024: a comprehensive exploration of qualitative and participatory methods in the evaluation of public policies and programmes. Through a series of interactive sessions, participants will gain insights into evidence-based policymaking, the policy cycle, and the nuances of qualitative evaluation methodologies. Attendees will learn to formulate evaluation questions and employ participatory tools like surveys and interviews for data collection, fostering a deeper understanding of evaluation practices.
  • Austria, Vienna: The REvaluation Conference 2024 explores the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly changing landscape of research and innovation policy and its implications for assessment and evaluation. Traditionally set in the city of Vienna, Austria, from December 4-6, 2024, this conference promises to be a gathering of thought leaders, academics, and practitioners who are charting the course through these dynamic times. Call for contributions: May 15, 2024
  • Western Balkans Fund: A Joint Program between the Western Balkans Fund and the International Visegrad Fund, the Fellowship will allow WB6 citizens to apply for short-term fellowships at V4 research institutions (in Czechia, Poland, Hungary, or Slovakia). Reciprocally, V4 applicants will have the right to apply for fellowships at WB6 institutions. Electronic applications are accepted via the My Visegrad system from April 15 – June 15 2024.

4 Izvješća; Oruđa; Blog; Podcast

  • BCSDN’s 18th Annual Council Meeting: New Strategy for Protecting and Expanding Civil Space in the Balkans
  • World Food Program, Edukacije: Webinar Integrating gender in evaluations: good practices and trade-offs; 23.4.2023.
  • RECLAIM is launching an EU Law Helpdesk to support European CSOs and civil society groups facing government restrictions! Get FREE legal advice, tailored counseling, and advocacy support to defend democracy and human rights. Book your appointment.
  • Civil Liberties Union for Europe Rule of Law Report 2024 is out! The fifth edition of the Rule of Law Report contributes to the European Commission’s annual audit on the rule of law in the EU and offers independent analysis for journalists, researchers and others interested in the state of democracy in the EU.
  • Better Evaluation, Webinar report: Why we need more feminist evaluations. This webinar explored the perspectives of four women who shared their organizations’ experiences in making evaluations more influential in promoting gender equality.
  • Better Evaluation, Blog: Reflections on meeting the challenge of communicating the validity of culturally responsive evaluation (CRE) and getting influential voices and changemakers to listen: Culturally-Responsive Evaluation (CRE) is an approach to evaluation that acknowledges the subjectivity and diversity of knowledge, points of view, and ways of knowing that guide evaluations (EvalCommunity, n.d.). It stresses the impact of evaluators’ knowledge and views on their ability to connect with, comprehend, and provide meaningful results that are relevant to the social and cultural contexts of the communities, cultures, and societies with which they work (Hood et al., 2015). Despite its significance, explaining the legitimacy of CRE to prominent voices and change-makers/decision-makers may be difficult.

5 Iz prethodnih vijesti WBEN (oktobar 2023):

  • Izvješće s konferencije WBEN5 (Ljubljana, 29.-30. septembra 2023) možete pronaći na poveznici https://www.sdeval.si/2023/10/09/dz-1-2023-porocilo-s-konference- wben5/
  • Hrvatska, HEVAL: Osnivačka skupština za osnivanje udruge Hrvatsko evaluacijsko društvo koja će se održati u četvrtak 14. ožujka 2024. godine. Informacije: hem.evaluation@gmail.com.
  • Srbija, INES: U četvrtak 07. marta 2024. godine u prostorijama SeConS grupe za razvojnu inicijativu u Beogradu, održana je Osnivačka skupština Nezavisne mreže evaluatora Srbije – INES. Informacije: stanarevic@fb.bg.ac.rs
  • Hrvatska i Srpska zajednicaažuriraju listu e-mail adresa svojih članova. Mole se članovi iz Hrvatske i Srbije da zatraže uključivanje svoje e-mail adrese na nacionalne liste. Hrvatska: marisumpor@yahoo.com; idokic@yahoo.com; Srbija: svetlana_stanarevic@yahoo.com; mihajlo.djukic@gmail.com
  • Članovi mreže WBEN potiču se da sepridruže regionalnoj i nacionalnim LinkedIn Grupama. Prisutnost na socialnim mrežama članstvu jamči najbržu informaciju o novostima regionalne i nacionalnih zajednica te mogučnost interakcije s drugim članovima LN Grupa: WBEN; BHeval; HEM; MEN

6 WBEN zajednica:

Uredništvo WBEN Novosti poziva članove Mreže da ga informiraju o svojim aktivnostima, postignućima, evaluacijskim izvješćima, blogovima itd.

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